Nutrition Center proudly presents in Argentina
the latest in body composition technology.

A light and personal device that allows us
to continue with the standards in quality
and service we provide at the clinic.

With this new and innovative body scanning device and the ONESMARTDIET app you can find out anytime and anywhere in 30 seconds your body fat proportion, your calorie intake, your muscle mass and more. And all with a precision of 98,8%.

If your goal is:

What results can I scan?

You will get a report that will tell you in what range your results differs from your goal. Also you can see the changes of your results thru time.

  • Body fat
  • Body fat ratio
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Body mass index
  • Basal caloric intake
  • Body constitution history

The results of each measurement on the app will show a trend to help determine the proper training and nutrition adjustments.

Nutrition Center, at this world wide pandemic and helping with social distancing, aims to continue to improve and innovate. As health care professionals and knowing for years that weight is just a number and what really matters is what that number is composed of, muscle and fat, it’s when we bring to Argentina ONESMARTDIET body composition personal equipment.

With this new system, you don’t need to move from home, you can scan your body anytime and anywhere, without going to the clinic and with a precision of 98,8 %. There’s no doubt that you will get better results because you will know the state of your body.

The appointment with the nutritionist is online, from your home o wherever you are, it saves the hassle of going to the clinic and waiting for the appointment. Activating your metabolism with the professional is essential to achieve your goals.

How does


The body scan in
5 fast and easy steps

How do I combine
ONE SMART DIET with Nutrition Center?

Nutrition Center, is a medical center that has 2 doctors with specialized in overweight, obesity and Medicina Psicosomática, and 1 doctor specialized in Médico Flebólogo, plastic surgeon.

All our Nutritionists with different specialties, like sports nutrition, vegan, vegetarian, overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Knowing your body composition is vital to put together a nutrition plan based on your composition and activating your metabolism every 15 days. Success in nutrition is connected with knowing your body and not eating always the same foods, so you won’t get stuck.


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Life is healthier and natural with
a real and conscious nutrition.


We are a team of 7 nutritionists and 2 doctors, experts in nutrition.

Dr. Fabio Adlerstein

Lic. Daniela Zaccarello

Lic. María Eugenia Belén

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